The Winchesters by Emily Berman


It’s been a busy time for my band The Winchesters! After a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign, we’re in the studio recording our debut LP, Train & Taxi. We’re also playing out around town a ton - check our website at for dates and other info. We can’t wait to get this music out to you, and we’re already writing more! I love making music with these people, and hope to see you at one of our shows soon.

Lyric Unlimited Message in the Music by Emily Berman

Vince Wallace, Donica Lynn, and Mykelle Deville.

Vince Wallace, Donica Lynn, and Mykelle Deville.

Still processing the wonderful experience I had last week with my new Lyric Opera Message in the Music family.  We spent two days building a show where we presented examples of musical genres (opera, blues, jazz, gospel, and hip-hop), compared them, and talked about the different ways in which they allow us to use our voices.  Then, we did four performances for 1,200 3rd-6th graders from all over Chicago. 

The process was a treat, and the product was so much fun to perform. Collaborating with other artists to build and tell stories with music is my favorite thing to do in this world.  And sharing new music with audiences of hundreds of thrilled little bobbleheads was such an honor. They were present and responsive, and seeing their reactions to my colleagues' virtuosity was pure joy. I'd do this all the time, if I could. Thanks to Maestro Doug Peck, Todd Snead, and the rest of the Lyric Unlimited team for bringing me on board, and here's hoping for a chance work on something this rewarding again soon!